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Message on 10th Anniversary

Meritech is extremely proud to be marking our 10th anniversary – a significant milestone that few startup companies achieve. This company was cofounded in 2003 by two foreigners in Japan with no employee, no office, no working capital; just two computers and our respective homes as our offices. Now Meritech family has grown to a strength of 42 highly professional & committed employees and an enviable list of who’s who in the telecom industry as clients in its portfolio.

It has been a great ride for the last 10 years and I have learned from all good times and hard times. When I look back, I truly appreciate all those challenges and hard times without which we could not have achieved what we are right now. What we are excited at Meritech today is that we are the only company which is “JAPANESE” in wireless T&M tools market space and have the “Shortest Response Time” to our client’s requests in Japan. No mean achievement! I own this attainment to our philosophy and our goal to “work with passion” and to “make our clients efficient”.

Thanks to Meritech’s talented and dedicated team; who work with an extremely high level of quality, consistency and efficiency. Their effort and continued dedication gives me all reasons to be excited about our future.

I am truly grateful to all our clients that I have had and continue to have the pleasure of working with. I look forward to working with many of you for years to come. It is with a tremendous amount of humility that I offer you all a very sincere THANK YOU!

I would also like to acknowledge my family that have been giving me their support for many years. It continues today and I am grateful for their continuous support of my endeavors.

We are proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary today and I am confident that Meritech’s next 10 years shall be even more successful than the first.

Once again, a heartiest THANK YOU to all associated with Meritech.

Harish Sachdeva

Meritech Co., Ltd.
August 14, 2013