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LTE & WCDMA: Wireless Radio Network Measurement Tool

Sigma-LA is a Windows application that captures, monitors and saves RF log data from UEs, scan receivers and GPS devices. Up to 4 UE data, 2 scan receiver data and one GPS data can be captured simultaneously. Sigma-LA can also playback saved data after the data collection session has ended. It is an essential tool for optimizing and troubleshooting mobile networks.


LTE/WDMA/GPRS throughput and packet error rate based on L1 data can be displayed on a table/graph/map in real time. L3 message can be decoded in real time and can be displayed with decoded tree structure. Cell site information can be displayed on a map as well.


Sigma-LA is a suitable tool to verify radio network quality through drive test. Sigma-LA can measure network performance with up to four UEs, so that competitive measurement among the networks can be easily done. Up to 4 UEs, 2 scan-receivers and 1 GPS can be connected simultaneously.


When a log file is imported and played back in Sigma-LA, call events are displayed on a cell search view. You can easily understand detailed status of network problems by looking at synchronized L3 decode view and a map display. Handover status can be analyzed automatically as well.

Intuitive Displays

Designed with operator at site in mind with intuitive screens and displays.  Various views for quick analysis like protocol message view, L1 data on graphs, map etc. all in sync with each other that help make better judgment of network status.