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LTE & WCDMA: Wireless Radio Network Measurement Tool for Smartphones

Sigma-ML System Configuration

Sigma-ML is an application running on smartphones to measure and troubleshoot mobile wireless network. It automatically downloads data via FTP and HTTP and sends Ping commands while measuring Throughput, RSSI and other network parameters.

Throughput Measurement

Sigma-ML calculates the throughput for every second and displays maximum, minimum, and average value on a table and a chart. The measured RSSI and throughput value can be exported to CSV file with the time stamp and the longitude/latitude.

Call Control

Sigma-ML implements the call control function considering wireless network measurement from the network utilizing the airplane mode switch. It has functions such as to specify the start time of a measurement for scheduled test, to create test scenario by combining different kind of test cases.

Layer 1/2/3
Data Support

With options installed, Sigma-ML collects L1, L2, and L3 log data from the phone, analyzes & displays it in real-time and saves it to the SD card simultaneously. Real time decoding of Layer 3 protocol data allows user to make quick analysis.

Various Test Styles

Performs several kinds of tests including FTP DL/UL, HTTP DL, Voice Call Origination/Termination, SMS Test.