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LTE & WCDMA: Data Processing & Analysis Tool

System Diagram

Sigma-PA is a Windows application that processes and analyses measured data by Sigma-LA, Sigma-ML and other drive test tools. Intelligent analysis makes troubleshooting easy and convenient. KPI report generating function makes it efficient after measurement is over.


Sigma-PA also supports log data collected by Qualcomm's QXDM and other similar tools.


Automatic analysis function helps complicated troubleshooting. For example, by analyzing L2 and L3 messages inter and intra frequency handover points can be detected and protocols and cell site information can be displayed on the handover failure points.

Easy to use

GUI, that is similar to Sigma-LA, is designed considering the engineers who have to see the network data on different displays to trouble shoot a complex network problem. Multiple workspaces are possible to be displayed to check different areas of interest at the same time.

Graphs & Charts

Sigma-PA has extensive reporting features with various charts and maps. The in-built numerous views and displays can be used for easy analysis of data.

Simple yet effective reports

Export of graphs to MS Excel as editable data for easy reuse is possible. Advanced Auto-Report generation feature to help easily prepare routine reports comes handy by combining various graphs, maps etc.