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Feature iSite Essentials iSite Professional
WiFi scan using 802.11a/b/g/n adaptor O O
Spectrum scan using Wi-Spy2.4x or Wi-Spy DBx* O O
Coverage prediction using 3D propagation engine O
User definable list of materials and transceivers O
User definable antenna patterns O
Touch point navigation O O
GPS navigation O O
Data import and export O O
Reports O O
Coverage plot O O
Interference plot O O
Best server plot O O
Coverage overlap plot O O
Throughput plot O
VoWiFi calls plot O
Security leak plot O
Prices (PC License Price**): $495 $995

*Hardware of Wi-Spy2.4x/Wi-SpyDBx is optional.
**USB License Key is also available. For the details, please contact our sales person directly.
iSite WiFi supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

iSite accelerates WLAN survey and design while simplifying network management. It was created for IT professionals challenged by complex WLAN deployments. Requiring minimal knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, iSite implements an easy to use windows user interface and supports most WLAN adaptors.

User Interface

iSite integrates survey and design functionality into one application. Users can quickly switch between the survey mode and design mode to see plots based on measured coverage or predicted coverage. iSite also offers a mixed mode that lets users see how network adjustments will affect performance. An iSite project consists of multiple floor plan layers. Within each layer, users add or modify objects such as maps, access points, barriers and labels. Measurement points are added by clicking on the map location where the measurement occurs.

Calculation Engine

iSite creates plots by modeling projects in 3D. Users can see how a transmitter on one level contributes to interference on other levels. Antenna patterns are used to accurately represent gain and directivity in the model. Users can build a database of materials and transceivers to easily customize the model for preferred infrastructure equipment.

Network Analysis

iSite helps analyze network operation and improve performance. Real-time views show network scan and spectrum information. Plots show coverage and interference as color gradients on the floor plan. Further analysis is possible using plots that estimate data throughput and VoWiFi call capacity.

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