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iSpot is a versatile product suite that measures air interface performance in 3G wireless networks. iSpot adapts to indoor and outdoor requirements providing test data for benchmarking and optimization. Autonomous capabilities enable control of many measurement nodes from one location. .

Portable System

The indoor configuration of iSpot Probe utilizes a mini-computer and battery for hours of portable measurement. Indoor mapping is recorded using a mobile phone application when GPS is not available.

Remote Measurement

iSpot Remote monitors the quality of multiple 3G networks at hundreds of locations. Tests are automatically performed and data uploaded to the server 24/7. Measurement nodes are configured and controlled by a central administrator application.

iSpot Viewer

iSpot Viewer is an application used to examine iSpot measurement data. The iSpot Viewer shows measurement data in tables, charts, and maps. Data can also be replayed to isolate and analyze problems.