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Measurement & Analysis: Sigma


Capture, monitor, playback and save RF Log Data from UEs, scan receivers and GPS devices.


Simulate network usage and capture valuable data like Throughhput and Layer 1/2/3 diagnostic data directly on the UE.


Process and analyse measured data by Sigma-LA, Sigma-ML and other drive test tools.

Remote Monitoring: Centra


Remotely manage & monitor devices while collecting & processing measured data.

Centra-SD figure

Benchmarking & Simulation


By using iSite, network management including WLAN survey and design becomes easy. It was created for IT professionals challenged by complex WLAN deployments. iSite accelerates WLAN survey and design while simplifying network management. Requiring minimal knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, iSite implements an easy to use windows user interface and supports most WLAN adaptors.


iSpot is a generic product for measuring the performance of air interface in 3G wireless network. It support a wide range of measurement requirements such as indoor fixed-point measurement or field drive testing by collecting test data for benchmarking and optimizing. Also multiple measurement nodes can be controlled automatically from remote site.