Meritech to participate in DOCOMO 5G Open Lab GUAM


NSSOL and SEL fly special-purpose flying boat-type drone capable of long-range flight in a 5G outdoor verification environment. Using such drones equipped with Meritech’s wireless network measurement tool “Sigma”, it will be possible to survey 5G network in various inaccessible areas such as marine land or forest etc.

In general, verification of the communication quality is very difficult in vast areas of marine land or forest, as it requires steady operation by ship as well as human power which in turn involves significant costs and time. However, in this test experiment, a drone equipped with “Sigma” will do a rapid survey of wide area from the sky and by observing the level of radio wave it will easily determine the feasibility of measuring outdoor area radio wave effectively in 5G era.

The drone and radio wave measurement solution used in this test experiment will be used in the fishery in future, and it is expected to lead to a drone business that brings solutions to practical problems of social issues in areas like marine, mountainous areas and disaster areas.

Press Release

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