Software Development Solutions

Meritech promises to deliver comprehensive product solutions in the wireless and medical fields. Headquartered in Japan with an “R&D Center” in India; is quite an unusual combination for domain knowledge and software development skills. With extensive domain knowledge and experience in wireless and medical domains, Meritech has an edge for providing industry best solutions using best of both countries, India and Japan. This has led to the provision of quality software solutions mainly for mobile communication carriers and medical instrument manufacturers of Japan. Meritech’s innovative software products has also led to the improvement of wireless quality of mobile networks for over a decade.

Our Strength


Innovation between India and Japan

Headquartered in Japan and being backed up by a highly skilled R&D Center in India, Meritech has been able to bridge the gap of culture and language between the two countries to provide industry best and quality software products.


IoT Platform

Meritech provides a one-stop IoT platform solution for various systems, applications and networks to be connected to a single platform. This has been achieved by using Meritech's know-how in the field of Mobile networks and recent technology.



Meritech, since its founding, has been a promising developer for software products in the field of wireless technology. It boasts of staffs with specialized knowledge and skills in the domains of Mobile phone networks such as WCDMA, LTE and 5G and an average developer experience of over 7.5 years.