Architecting resilience, designing innovation – trust our cloud solutions redefine the possibilities.

Customizing cloud capabilities to align seamlessly with your requirements, we formulate a strategic plan geared towards enhancing productivity, optimizing costs and unlocking transformative possibilities. From robust infrastructure on AWS to enterprise-grade services on Azure and the cutting-edge data capabilities of GCP, we craft tailored cloud solutions.

Explore the world of a seamless, secure and scalable cloud experience!

Cloud Transformation: Architecture & Design

Thinking big to undertake a Cloud transformative journey? We’re here to help you. We understand the critical factors of scalability, security and complexity of cloud adoption. Our seasoned architects bear these in mind while they design a robust cloud solution which resonates with your goals. Our team will happily lead the exciting journey towards digital excellence!

Cloud Migration and Integration

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Whether it's a lift-and-shift approach or a comprehensive re-architecture, you can trust us to provide a holistic solution from initial assessment and planning to the actual migration and post-migration optimization. Our migration experts follow a strategic roadmap, considering factors such as application dependencies, data integrity and security protocols.

Our endeavour: minimal disruptions and maximum benefits through a successful migration journey!

Cloud-native Development

We love to harness the power of cloud technologies, offering scalability, resilience and agility while designing and developing Cloud native applications for our clients. Our services are grounded in DevOps methodologies, CI/CD pipeline, cloud-native databases and serverless computing to develop applications which can auto-scale, self-heal and deliver optimal performance in any cloud environment.

Cloud Security

Meritech has got the expertise and tools to shield your data, apps and infrastructure from cyber threats. Whether it's encryption, threat detection or compliance, we've got you covered. We're not just about firewalls and antivirus – we bring the full package. From risk assessments to continuous monitoring, our sole aim is to protect your IT estate.

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Meritech’s approach on Cloud Solutions

  • Define Objectives and Requirements

    Clearly articulate the business objectives and goals that the cloud solution aims to address.

  • Assessment and Inventory

    Assess existing IT infrastructure, applications anddata; create an inventory of current assets.

  • Cloud Service Model Selection

    Based on factors like scalability and flexibility, choose the appropriate Cloud service model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

  • Cloud Deployment Model Selection

    Decide on the appropriate Cloud deployment model (public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud) based on security, compliance and performance requirements.

  • Data Management and Storage

    Develop a data management strategy, including data migration, backup and recovery; Define data retention policies.

  • Application Architecture

    Adapt or redesign applications; consider containerization and microservices architecture for agility and scalability.

  • Cost Management

    Develop a cost model and budget for the cloud solution; Implement cost monitoring and optimization practices.

  • Deployment & Post-deployment Optimization

    Carry out the deployment; Continuously optimize based on performance metrics and cost analysis.

  • Monitoring and Management

    Set up monitoring tools for performance, availability and security; Establish procedures on incidents, updates and scaling.

Explore your Cloud transformation journey with Meritech

Ascend to Cloud Excellence: Partner with the Cloud Competency Leader. In an era defined by boundless potential, Cloud technology emerges as the cornerstone of technological evolution. Businesses across the globe are adopting its transformative power to elevate efficiency and drive unparalleled growth. Meritech, with its unparalleled expertise and experience, is poised to craft a bespoke Cloud solution that propels your enterprise into the future.