DevOps: Because Software Should be a Symphony, Not a Solo

Revitalize your development processes with our DevOps Services, offering seamless automation, CI/CD pipelines, configuration management, containerization and test automation etc. Experience accelerated development cycles, enhanced collaboration and optimized deployment for a future-ready and efficient software delivery ecosystem.

DevOps as a Service

What Meritech offers you isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it's your customized roadmap to seamless automation and management. We aim to provide a comprehensive and integrated set of activities encompassing CI, CD, Infrastructure as a Code, testing automation or managing different environments.

CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process involves a series of steps and a well-designed CI/CD pipeline automates the activities that enhances development speed and reliability. Meritech can help you accelerate your software delivery with expertise in CI/CD pipeline services, to streamline your development cycle.

  • Source Code Management
  • Automated Builds
  • Code Quality Analysis
  • Automated Testing
  • Deployment Automation
  • Environment Provisioning
  • Integration Testing
  • Release Orchestration
  • Log Analysis

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a critical aspect of orchestrating the software development lifecycle. Any discrepancies in this activity can adversely impact the integrity and scalability of applications besides the impacts of cost and schedule. Hence, Meritech always endeavours to cover such activities with precision to lay a strong foundation for the smooth deployments.

Containerization and Orchestration

Containerization and Orchestration are not just tools or technologies; they represent a shift in how applications are developed, deployed and managed.

Meritech team leverages industry-leading technologies like Docker to transform your applications into lightweight, self-contained units, ensuring seamless deployment across diverse environments. We harness the power of Kubernetes to automate the orchestration of your containerized applications, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing downtime.

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