Diagnostic System for Air Conditioners

A leading global Air Conditioner and home appliances manufacturer in Japan wanted to add and remotely monitor the environmental sensors to their products. Continuous monitoring of the environment through this system would enable the end users to improve the quality of their living space. This system would also enable commercial spaces to track and monitor their emission levels




Consumer Electronics

Project Type

Cloud-based IoT solution : Development & Maintenance


To develop a system that can receive data from IoT devices installed at geographically distant locations (in 2 continents). The system should enable decode and maintain data in a database for 50+ different parameters such as CO2, TVOC, dirt level, etc. which is received every 10 minutes from each device. It should be able to conduct periodic self-diagnosis and report the data to the Cloud platform. Cloud system should be able to communicate with device via downlink operation.

Approach & Solution

  • AWS based software development for global deployment.
  • Develop device communication using LPWA protocol (MQTT).
  • Interactive dashboard for user’s view.

Business Value

  • The system deployed over 2 continents was successfully able to connect and collect 1.6 million data points per year per device.
  • It also allowed commercial users to be aware of emission levels and demonstrate their commitment by buildings certifications such as LEED and WELL.
  • The extensive data, thus collected, encouraged manufacturer to study the environmental patterns through Big data analysis.
  • Of course, it enabled the end user to to monitor and improve their living conditions.

Technologies Used