monoZ officially launched at 5G & IoT Solutions Expo of Japan IT week 2021

October 30, 2021

Meritech, a key player in wireless radio measurement devices and softwares in Japan, has been involved in IoT projects since 2019, has officially launched its IoT portfolio “monoZ” in Autumn edition of Japan IT week in 2021.

monoZ, targeting System Integrators and the Enterprises, help to connect the assets (things) to the internet with minimum cost and time. monoZ is one of the world’s first few E2C IoT enablers who provide all the necessary components for enterprises to bring their things to life.

monoZero hardware development kit lineup along with cloud platform Centra-IoT was displayed in the booth. Two live demos, environmental monitoring kit with data sent through LwM2M over NIDD (NB-IoT) and postbox monitoring system with data sent through LwM2M over IP (Cat M) was shown during the 3-day event to display the capabilities of monoZ.