monoZ SDK revamped to support LwM2M protocol for global users

March 3, 2022

monoZ SDK which was launched in 2021 has been revamped with a new architecture to support LwM2M based application development for users around the globe.

The initial architecture supported LwM2M over IP/NIDD for Japan market and only MQTT protocol globally due to limited capabilities of LwM2M client on global modems. The new architecture enables new dimensions such as

  • Support of over 20 LwM2M objects including several 3 rd party smart objects for data communication and ability to add more based on requirement.
  • Support for global LwM2M based PoCs with integration of market leading LwM2M Client, Anjay.
  • Portability support to any modem with PPP communication access thereby giving wide range of low cost/widely available modem choice to users beyond PoC.

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