Sensor Watch for Patient Care

An Australia based startup company wanted to build a BLE Sensor Watch wearable for Patientcare for capturing very specific parameters. This was a part of a research program.





Project Type

IoT Product Engineering and Cloud software Engineering


Design BLE Sensor Watch wearable hardware which collects both Patient's hand movement data and operates in 300mAH Li-Ion battery in watch like form factor. Build the embedded software as per the device's BLE connectivity requirements. Build both Android based Mobile and backend Cloud Application to manage volume of Sensor Watches and run the ML algorithm on the collected raw data of Patient's hand movement.

Approach & Solution

  • Built entire device's embedded hardware in small watch factor PCB size of 33mm x 32mm.
  • Designed the device's embedded hardware.
  • Designed the device's enclosure ID in watch like casing.
  • Designed and developed the backend Cloud Dashboard application as per the project requirements.

Business Value

  • The customer could collect Patient's hand movement data for Patientcare analytics successfully.
  • The ML algorithm running on the backend Cloud Dashboard application could give the summary of Patients’ recovery.

Technologies Used

  • The device's hardware is designed based on OrCAD Capture and Routing tools.
  • Embedded software design based on embedded C and FreeRTOS.
  • Backend Cloud Dashboard is developed with Springboot, Java, Angular and PostGre SQL.