Activity Monitoring System for Elderly Care

There are increasing number of elderly people in Japan (and many other countries) who are living all by themselves. The client intended to monitor their movements and activities using IoT devices placed at various locations in their homes. This would help track their movements and identify any problems that they may face. It would also help in raising an alarm in case of any emergency situation.





Project Type

IoT, web based solution


To sense the movement of patients and identify the patterns and report any anomaly. To develop an IoT platform web application which collects the patient data from various sources and displays it through an intuitive UI. Create a dashboard to show the details and comparison of patient’s different types of movement.

Approach & Solution

  • Developed a real-time health monitoring tool which collects a patient’s data.
  • Used for taking preventive action when something goes wrong.
  • Track user’s movement and report to a central system.
  • Hardware sensors with embedded software track various parameters and send the information to the cloud for further analysis.

Business Value

  • Huge social impact, in particularly on elderly healthcare.
  • Can track their medication, movement, etc. and analyze behavioural changes thereby alerting family/authority in a timely manner.

Technologies Used