Dive into a showcase of impactful results as we helped our clients navigate their challenges, through a client-focused approach and innovative solutions.

Railways Track / Relay Management Solution

One of Japan's railway operators wanted to automate and centrally manage their railway track relays.... Read More

Diagnostic System for Air Conditioners

A leading global Air Conditioner and home appliances manufacturer in Japan wanted to add and remotely.... Read More

Activity Monitoring System for Elderly Care

There are increasing number of elderly people in Japan (and many other countries) who are living all.... Read More

Next Generation Healthcare - Cloud system

One of the largest hospital chains in Japan is having their clinics in at different places in multiple.... Read More

Sales & Finance Management System

The client is a leading Professional Service provider in Finance domain offering International Accounting.... Read More

Nurse Operations Management System

A Medical Service Provider wanted to have a Nursing Operations Management System both as a Web.... Read More

Social & Behavioural Skill Assessment Tool

A Europe-Japan based Social & Behavioural skill assessment and coaching organization.... Read More

CMS – Central Monitoring System for Bedside Monitors

One of the largest Medical Equipment manufacturer intended to have a Central Monitoring System for.... Read More

DevOps Consulting

One of the major US based Global IT and Management Consulting firm wanted to standardized their DevOps.... Read More

Agri Controller Gateway with LoRa

A leading India based MNC wanted to replace its bulky and high-cost Water Irrigation control system.... Read More

Telco Network Site Management

Our client is developing a cloud native platform for Network Site management for their Telco client.... Read More

Surface Wear Monitoring IoT Device

A leading Industrial pipe manufacturing MNC wanted to build a device to monitor the wear of internal.... Read More

BLE Heating Device

AA leading India based MNC wanted to build their next generation Heating device with BLE connectivity.... Read More

Sensor Watch for Patient Care

An Australia based startup company wanted to build a BLE Sensor Watch wearable for Patientcare for.... Read More

Pests Sound Classification IoT Device

A leading Germany based consumer goods MNC wanted to build an R&D prototype device for classifying.... Read More

Fleet Management System

A leading logistics company required a cold chain monitoring system dedicated to their trucks carrying.... Read More