Surface Wear Monitoring IoT Device

A leading Industrial pipe manufacturing MNC wanted to build a device to monitor the wear of internal surface of the pipe. It required an IoT device to be designed to measure pipe's Alumina ceramic layer coating thickness using Ultrasound technology.




IoT Product Engineering and Cloud S/w Engineering

Project Type

IoT based solution development


Build Wear Monitoring device with WiFi connectivity with 5MHz ultrasound probe. Build ultrasound based ToF sensor. Build backend Cloud Dashboard application managing all Wear Monitoring devices & collects data via HTTP and TCP protocols. The Dashboard application should show pipe's thickness, device temperature details in historical time series graphs to users.

Approach & Solution

  • Designed the device's embedded h/w based on XENO+ WiFi+BLE ML SOM module.
  • Developed the device's embedded software.
  • Designed FPGA RTL code for Lattice FPGA.
  • Developed the backend Cloud Dashboard application on top of our existing Customizable Dashboard app code base.

Business Value

  • The end-customers of our clients get early warning when the pipe's ceramic coating thickness reduces below critical levels.
  • This brings real-time IoT digitization of their existing industrial pipe offerings.
  • Brings predictive maintenance to their customers.