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Meritech is a leading provider of Mobile Network Test & Measurement and Network Optimization solutions. We offer Wireless Network Design, Measurement and Analysis tools for all major network operators for WI-FI, GSM, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, LTE-A, WCDMA, HSPA and 5G.

Pioneering Mobile Network T&M and Optimization with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Experience the synergy of innovation and excellence at Meritech, revolutionizing the landscape of mobile network T&M and network optimization. We bring state-of-the-art solutions that cover an extensive range of network technologies, from NR5G, LTE, WCDMA, GMS and Wi-Fi. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our hand-held software solution, which provides real-time analysis, challenging the conventional monitoring methods.

Our Sigma suite of products


Mobile Network Measurement Tool

Sigma-LA is a Windows based drive test solution that captures, monitors and saves RF log data from multiple UEs, scan receivers and GPS devices...


Mobile Network Post Processing & Analysis Tool

Sigma-PA is a Windows based platform that processes and analyses network log data acquired by Sigma-LA/Sigma-ML/QXDM and other drive test tools and network logging tools...


Mobile Network Measurement Tool (Smartphones based)

Sigma-ML is a compact, lightweight wireless network measurement application that operates on a smartphone.


Mobile Network Quality Monitoring System

Monitoring mobile network performance is a difficult task. By using Centra-SD, the task can be made simple and efficient.

Centra Experitest

Mobile Service Monitoring

Centra-SD works with Digital.ai’s Seetest Cloud to automate and monitor all mobile and web app test items on your smartphone on a regular basis, 24×7.

What makes Meritech’s Wireless Products so reliable?

Meritech’s wireless products are trusted by the global telco brands for their:


Offering precision without compromise


Wireless solutions, universally compatible


Bringing immense potential through wireless scalability

Ease of Use

User-friendly wireless solutions, always


Streamlined operations through wireless automation


Hassle-free upgradability for sustained excellence

Real-time Monitoring

Keeps you informed instantly

Comprehensive Reporting

In-depth insights based on detailed analytics

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