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Our Independent Validation Services go beyond conventional testing, providing a comprehensive and objective evaluation of your systems, processes and software. Meritech employs rigorous testing methodologies and tools to ensure the accuracy, reliability and performance of your applications.

Functional Testing

We ensure that each function of your software application operates as expected, identifying and rectifying any deviations from the specified requirements.

Activities: Test cases designed based on specifications, boundary value analysis and user scenarios.

Performance Testing

Team will evaluate the performance of the application on scalability, speed and responsiveness under various conditions with the objective to optimize the performance and enhance user experience.

Activities: Load testing, stress testing and scalability testing to ensure optimal performance.

Regression Testing

Through Regression testing, we confirm that recent changes or updates to your software have not adversely affected existing functionalities, preventing unintended consequences.

Activities: Re-running previously executed test cases and validating against new code changes.

Automation Testing

We design, develop and implement automated testing tools and scripts to streamline the validation process, improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.

Activities: Developing automated test scripts, execution and maintenance of automation frameworks.

Data Validation

Verify the accuracy, completeness and reliability of data within your systems to maintain data integrity and prevent errors that could compromise decision-making processes.

Activities: Data integrity checks, validation rule testing and database testing.

Integration Testing

We use our expertise to validate the seamless interaction between different components or systems to ensure that they work cohesively as intended.

Activities: Testing the interfaces and interactions between integrated components.

Mobile Application Testing

Here, we specifically focus on validating the functionality, performance and user experience of mobile applications across different devices and operating systems.

Activities: Device compatibility testing, mobile performance testing and usability testing on various devices.

Cloud Testing

Under Cloud testing, the team will evaluate the performance, security and scalability of applications deployed in cloud environments, ensuring optimal functioning in cloud-based architectures.

Activities: Testing cloud-specific features, load testing in cloud environments and security assessments in cloud architecture.

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