Beyond Benchmarks: Meritech's Precision in RF Drive Testing

Meritech's RF Drive Tests provide real-world insights into wireless networks, evaluating performance, coverage, handovers, interference, and benchmarking against industry standards. Engineers use specialized tools, ensuring optimal network quality, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

Our Drive / Walk Test Services

Network Performance Evaluation

RF drive tests or walk tests involve physically traversing designated areas with mobile equipment to assess the real-world performance of a wireless network. Engineers at Meritech use specialized measurement tools such as Sigma-ML, Sigma-LA or AZENQOS to evaluate key parameters such as signal strength, call quality, and data throughput. This on-the-ground testing provides valuable insights into the actual user experience, helping identify areas with poor coverage, dropped calls, or slow data rates.

Coverage and Handover Analysis

Drive tests are instrumental in assessing coverage quality and seamless handovers between different cell sites. Engineers at Meritech analyse the handover process as a mobile device transition from one cell to another, ensuring continuity of service. This testing methodology helps identify potential issues with handovers, ensuring that users experience minimal disruption during transitions, critical for maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted connection.

Interference and Signal Quality Measurements

RF drive tests are effective for identifying and mitigating interference issues. Engineers at Meritech measure signal quality and strength while moving through the environment, detecting sources of interference such as other networks, electronic devices, or physical obstructions. This data aids in optimizing frequency planning and mitigating interference, ultimately improving the overall signal quality and reliability of the wireless network.

Benchmarking and Optimization

Drive tests serve as a benchmarking tool, allowing network operators to compare the performance of their network with competitors or industry standards. The collected data can be used to optimize the network by adjusting parameters such as antenna tilt, power levels, and handover thresholds. By continuously conducting drive tests, operators can implement ongoing improvements to enhance network efficiency, quality of service, and user satisfaction.

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