Sigma-LA is a Windows based drive test solution that captures, monitors and saves RF log data from multiple UEs, scan receivers and GPS devices. Data from up to 4 UEs, 2 scan receivers and one GPS device can be captured simultaneously. Sigma-LA can also playback saved data after the data collection session has ended. It is an essential tool for optimizing and troubleshooting mobile networks.

Optimize with Ease: Monitoring, Intuitive Displays, Troubleshooting

Monitoring & Optimization

Sigma-LA is a very effective tool to verify radio network quality through drive tests. It helps in competitive measurement among the networks. It supports data collection for NR5G / LTE / WCDMA / GSM / GPRS networks. It has out-of-the-box support for hundreds of KPIs including throughput parameters, packet error rate etc. It supports data collection with built in KPIs for Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 of the networks.

Intuitive Displays

Sigma-LA has been designed with drive test at operator's site in mind with, intuitive screens and displays. Various views for quick analysis like Protocol Message View, L1 data on graphs, live maps etc. all in sync with each other have been built in, which helps in making a better judgment of network status. L3 messages can also be decoded in real-time and can be displayed with decoded tree structure. The displays are highly customizable so that users can adjust them as per their requirements. Live data display makes analysis on the go much easier.


Sigma-LA supports playback of log files collected through it in the field. With intuitive features like displaying Call Events on the Cell Search Charts, it makes analysis a very easy task. One can synchronize the L3 Decode view with the Map Display and align them side by side, so as to easily understand the detailed status of network problems. Analysis like Handovers and Radio Link Failures etc. are presented live on the views.

Maximize Your Network Potential with Sigma-LA

  • Communicates automatically with the attached UEs to collect Layer 1, 2 & 3 data from the chipset directly
  • Displays collected data from Layer 1 to Layer 3 in real-time on various screens
  • Live data displayed on maps
  • Real-time L3 decoding
  • Full packet decode in real-time
  • Saves the logged data to disk for further analysis
  • Imports and replays saved log data
  • Supports multiple UEs, Scanners and GPS devices
  • Up to 4 UEs, 2 scan receivers and 1 GPS can be connected simultaneously
  • Call control for voice call and data
  • Layer 3 protocol decoding for RRC, NAS and SIB Messages
  • Displays measurement data and call events on map in real-time
  • Replay function with search and speed control
  • Various views for quick analysis like protocol message view, L1 data on graphs, map etc. all in sync with each other
  • Export feature to export collected data to CSV and other standard formats
  • Makes field test work effective by automatically controlling a series of processes
  • Controls various devices simultaneously like UEs, Scanners and GPS devices
  • Designed with operator at site in mind with intuitive screens and displays
  • Synchronized displays help make better judgment of network status
  • Features like “User Event Marker” help mark special points of interest to help further analysis
  • Cell Search view shows base-station information read from CSV, it can automatically select the appropriate SC in case of multiple SCs
  • Export option to multiple formats including CSV and pairs natively with Sigma-PA post-Processing tool
  • Works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

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