Centra-SD works with Digital.ai’s Seetest Cloud to automate and monitor all Mobile and WebApp test items on your smartphone on a regular basis, 24×7. When a service anomaly is detected, Centra-SD notifies the user of an alarm. Users can notice anomalies before customer complaints and expect better QoE. In addition, monitoring network performance contributes to optimal network design.

Strategic Savings, Superior Experience, Visual Performance Excellence

Cost Reduction

In the past, the confirmation work was done manually. Measurement result is automatically activated & judged. The number of monitoring items and monitoring frequency can be easily increased, which significantly reduces the cost of network monitoring.

Quality of Experience

The quality of experience is real smartphone as the real user environment. A variety of Mobile Apps and Web Apps are compatible. It is possible to monitor the service by monitoring many items frequently and it contributes to the improvement of QoE.

Performance of Visualization

You can monitor and visualize network performance using a speed test app that has been provided to the general public. You can also download and install apps and monitor network performance using video sites.

Effortless efforts & Proactive monitoring : Centra-Experitest

  • Remotely schedule and monitor test devices
  • Explore KPI data through an interactive interface
  • Export data in a number of industry standard formats
  • 24 Hours and 365 Days service monitoring
  • Decreases your annual cost and increases your profit
  • Scalable according to your demand and requirement
  • Full access via any platforms in Mobile or Web
  • No actual presence required and complete freedom to access anywhere
  • Automatic background check for errors or bugs before the user experience
  • It runs on all major platforms, mobile and web-based applications
  • Detailed log analysis and report feature in Seetest
  • Synchronized displays help make better judgment of network status
  • Run scripts across 1000+ devices
  • Create your own scenario for every problem

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To automate and monitor all Mobile and WebApp test items on your smartphone on a regular basis, 24×7.

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