Sigma-ML is a compact, lightweight wireless network measurement application that operates on a smartphone. Dedicated large hardware or computer is not required for data collection. Sigma-ML can discover the problems in Wireless network in Field testing. In order to analyse the cause, it can carry measurements through wireless monitor using smartphones. It greatly improves the work efficiency.

Smartphone Excellence: Automated Metrics, Detailed Data Acquisition

All Measurements Are Automatic

All the operations at the time of measurement in Sigma-ML can be automated. All the device operations necessary for field measurements such as the data transmission, download of files, ping transmissions, incoming and outgoing voice calls are performed automatically in the application according to the user setting. Combined with the time and the remote function, unmanned measurements can also be done easily.

Acquisition Of Detailed Data

Sigma-ML can collect and display not only the application layer data, but also the L1, L2, L3 data of wireless layers from the mobile device and display in real-time. From the quality of the wireless network up to the protocol, Sigma-ML can analyse in details the wireless data on the device side and it is possible to discover the root cause of the problem.


In Sigma-ML, automatic incoming voice calls in correspondence to the VoLTE, recording of voice calls, automatic detection of silence (sound mute), MOS value (POLQA) measurement, RTP/SIP measurement are possible. This can help to improve the quality of voice calls. By saving the wireless packet and, voice quality signals as one data file, it is possible to analyse the quality of voice calls from a variety of angles and the root cause of the problem can be easily deducted.

Bring more power to your smartphone through Sigma-ML

  • Collect Layer 1, 2 and 3 data on smartphone itself
  • Saves logged data to memory card or phone’s internal memory
  • Displays collected data, from Layer 1 to Layer 3 in real-time on various views
  • Performs several kinds of tests like FTP DL/UL, HTTP DL, Voice Call Origination and Termination, SMS Test etc
  • Indoor data collection is also possible
  • Collects Wi-Fi data such as RSSI and SSID etc
  • Real-time decoding of Layer 3 protocol data
  • Various views like charts etc. for quick analysis
  • Options for unattended and automated testing
  • Indoor data collection with location marker
  • Export feature to export collected data to CSV and DLF formats
  • Collect data on handy smartphone, no need to carry laptop etc
  • Features like “User Event Marker” help mark special points of interest to help further analysis
  • Features like scheduled testing allow for automatic collection of data with no user intervention
  • Records location with the test data in outdoor mode as it allows for marking of location in indoor mode
  • Features like “Battery Level” monitoring and “Storage Size” monitoring helps users to understand how much time can they collect the data
  • 24 x 7 x 365 types of testing are possible with Sigma-ML on remote locations

Curious to know about Sigma-ML, a compact, lightweight wireless network measurement application that operates on a smartphone.