Solderable SOM module that allows audio processing AIML capability to your design.

XENO+™ Wi-Fi + BLE Nano ML Module is a programmable core ML (Machine Learning) SOM module for AOL applications. XENO+ enables customers to focus only on adding audio Mics, I2C based sensors and Battery power circuits around this ML module for building their new ML edge devices in short time. The XENO+ Nano ML module is suitable for Always-On-Voice (AOV) and AI for IOT application requirements.

Xeno+ SOM (System-On-Module) is a solderable module and used for building intelligent and secure IoT devices for applications such as smart metering, smart lighting, smart tracking, and industrial automation.

Why Xeno+?

  • Ready to integrate: XENO+ is a compact, solderable SOM that offers the fastest and quickest means to enable AIML on your existing hardware design.
  • System development support: Firmware development is simplified through the use of Application Development Libs (APL) for ML training models, Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) update feature as well as PKCE-based Device authentication features.
  • Short time to market: XENO+ help achieve up to 40% reduction in system development time to enable AIML on the edge.

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