Precision Measurement, Problem Analysis, Area Optimization, and Expert Consulting

Meritech's comprehensive wireless solutions include radio quality measurement using SIGMA tools, problem analysis with Sigma-PA, area optimization with Planet, and expert consulting for efficient wireless network construction, design, and training. Elevate your network performance with Meritech.

Our Network Optimization Services

Radio Quality Measurement & Evaluation

We provide services to evaluate the current performance and visualize any issues of the wireless network by using wireless measurement and analysis tool called as SIGMA, which is widely used by worldwide mobile operators. This service is handled by Meritech Engineers instead of customers, who have enough experience and extensive knowledge of the wireless network and can provide RF measurement using RF Scanner made by Rohde & Schwarz as well.

  • Network Quality Measurement Test
  • Network Quality Report Creation
  • Network Quality Issue check

Radio Quality Problem Analysis

We provide the solutions for wireless network problems by using Sigma-PA tool which is carrier-grade wireless network quality analysis tool. This service is handled by Meritech Engineers instead of customer, who have enough experience and extensive knowledge for the wireless network.

Customer can create a high-quality wireless network by using our Radio Quality Measurement & Evaluation service.

  • Root Cause Analysis of Network Quality Issues
  • Propose countermeasures to resolve issues

Area Optimization

We provide coverage map, radio strength, interference level etc for the wireless station using Planet tool made by InfoVista, used by 400+ companies including mobile operators and vendors world-wide. Customer can decide how to arrange antennas, how many stations are required to efficiently create a coverage area before installation of the equipment. We also provide coverage map creation service for Local 5G network with iSite, a simple area drawing tool built in-house.

  • Area Planning using RF Simulation tool
  • Map creation for license application

Consulting for Wireless Technology

We provide consulting service for wireless network, carried out by Meritech Engineers who has enough experience and extensive knowledge.

For example, provision of necessary knowledge and technology for wireless network construction, consultation on area design and evaluation, Radio-related training etc.

  • Network Introduction / Operation support for Wireless Network
  • RF Training

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