Nurse Operations Management System

A Medical Service Provider wanted to have a Nursing Operations Management System both as a Web based solution as well as a Mobile app. The client wished to have entire nursing operations available in an intuitive way, 24x7, to the Management Team including the Nursing Directors to help better manage the nursing team.





Project Type

Mobile App, Web Based Solution


Build Android & iOS Apps for quick view of Nurses’ assignments and schedules. Nurses should be able to chat/notify amongst themselves about the medical conditions of patients, across different shifts. Automated Nursing roster for shift management, leave management and inter-department transfers.

Approach & Solution

  • Understand the processes and workflows involved in the nursing operations.
  • A common App Development framework (Flutter) was chosen to control cost and have a consistency in various apps.
  • Cloud-based data storage with high degree of security to allow 24x7 access of data for the nursing director and management team.

Business Value

  • Smooth and improved shift management for nurses.
  • Over 20% reduction in manpower.
  • Improved communication between nurses resulting in lesser complaints from patients.

Technologies Used