CMS – Central Monitoring System for Bedside Monitors

One of the largest Medical Equipment manufacturer intended to have a Central Monitoring System for connecting its Bed-Side Monitors in a hospital. With this, they wanted to centrally manage vitals & emergency data for multiple patients in real-time.





Project Type

Desktop App


To communicate with up to 32 Bedside monitors, collect their data and display with millisecond latency. To have alarms on various parameters and maintain history for later audit & review. Very high data integrity desired as a key point of consideration with a very high accuracy and almost without any time lag.

Approach & Solution

  • Highly performance oriented architecture designed with significant parallel processing.
  • Provision for replay of vital stats on Graphs for Doctors for any given time to help in diagnosis and medical analysis.
  • Very responsive and fluid GUI and Dashboard displays for high reliability, available for instant interpretation and actions.

Business Value

  • Improved the response time of nurses as they get real-time displays at Nursing bay and with Alarm feature.
  • Improved Patient Care with centralized displays available to any present nurse/doctor.
  • Replay feature helped quick analysis by doctors especially in case of deteriorating condition of a patient, saving valuable time.

Technologies Used