DevOps Consulting

One of the major US based Global IT and Management Consulting firm wanted to standardized their DevOps Consulting offering. Various standard and non-standard scenarios were identified and their solutions were agreed to be documented for consulting purposes for their end customers.


Japan, worldwide


IT Consulting

Project Type

Cloud-based DevOps consulting


Implement the DevOps and document the process; identify the bottlenecks and their resolutions. Do the benchmarking for best practices.

Approach & Solution

  • With our Product Development DevOps Process as the baseline, a practical approach for DevOps pipeline was identified and documented.
  • Various approaches to the pipeline implementation were identified and documented.
  • Operations like Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing using SAST/DAST Tools were implemented and documented.

Business Value

  • Client thus had a unified approach to the consulting they further were to provide to their customers.
  • A comprehensive and standard documentation for DevOps for reference during consulting.

Technologies Used